Righteous Awakened Elixir is crafted in California and can boldly claim it is like none other. It is not just another “premium e liquid” thousands of hours and countless meticulous reformulations from our master mixologist go into creating our one of a kind creations. We operate under far higher than “acceptable” standards for every process of manufacturing our masterpieces. We strive to separate ourselves by way of bringing you a product that stands out in a class of its own.

We have what is considered to be an elegant premium brand that offers new and innovative flavors, packaging and value for the retail consumer. We believe this is the way it should be done and just because the industry does not reflect that, DOES NOT mean it is not what the industry needs. We, as an industry, are under constant scrutiny for marketing to minors and though that is not what the intention behind all of this “hype brand” marketing is, that is what the outside world sees it as.

Righteous Awakened Elixir was created to not only bring phenomenal, complex original flavors to Vapers at an incredible value, but to also help open the eyes of those that do not realize what our industry is lacking. We believe what it needs is more sophisticated, elegant lifestyle type branding to show true professionalism and maturity in order to give us another weapon against the onslaught of attacks our industry endures regularly and in doing so we Pave a new path for the Righteous Vaper in YOU.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.