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Are you on a personal mission to rid the world of cigarettes? Get involved in the war against tobacco and do your part to lower this number: 5,000,000 (the number of people that die from tobacco every year).

Apply in ten minutes or less and get started promoting Righteous Awakened Elixir. Once your affiliate account has been approved, you will receive an affiliate URL to post on your site. Also available immediately will be beautifully attracting banners in many standard sizes just right for your needs. Contact us for a more specific size and we would be happy to custom create your dimension needed. Place the banners on your website, blog or channel and watch the income flow in. When someone clicks on your link or banner, they will be forwarded to our website. If a customer purchases our product, you will receive 15% of the sale price from that customer’s first order.

To track your commissions, simply log in to your affiliate control panel and check your stats. You will automatically be paid monthly via Paypal, Quickpay, or Check (you choose what you prefer) on a monthly basis.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.