At Righteous Awakened Elixir we would like to stand for something. Something more than just being another business in an industry designed to help save lives, strictly for monetary advancement. We would like to be a part of and help create an even better community for like-minded business owners and the consumers to which we cater. The countless lives that have been saved or changed for the better is a testament to the power which we as the manufacturers possess.

It is our duty and our obligation to the public as a whole to refrain from using questionable branding and marketing in order to obtain our next dollar and to help deter others from doing the same. If they will not hear our words, then let them see the path we pave and let’s give them no choice but follow suit. We must do all that we can as a collective to prevent the loss of our beloved industry to tyrants such as Big Tobacco. How we are viewed by everyone that is not a part of our industry, our community, our family… is the biggest threat to our ability to save even more lives.

We do not wish to anger or upset anyone. We only wish to open their eyes to the simple fact that the true problem lies within and only we as the manufacturers can change that. Righteous Awakened Elixir is here to pave a new path for the righteous vaper in you. If you would like to see our industry survive and are willing to do your part, then we stand with you and would personally like to welcome you the righteous rebellion.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.